The Skirt Issue

‘Blood, sweat and tears’ has never been a more suitable saying. After tremendous amounts of hard work we finally presented our independent fashion magazine to a jury of professionals.

As the week before the deadline arrived the tension started to rise. All nighters were pulled, greasy snacks piled up on the tables and our laptops were our best friends. The most gratifying moment was when the spreads rolled out of the humongous industrial printer. Our magazine was finished!

The next step was a 3D translation of our brand. A mini magazine fair was set up at AMFI. A lot of magazine teams made a real show at their presentation stand. The Perpetuum team members wore conceptual garments featured in their photo shoots. The Piers team went all out by dancing to their own song especially created for their magazine. The Origo magazine stand had origami foldings hanging from the ceiling only to reveal sneak peeks when standing close by.

The judges choosing the winning concept were all professionals from the magazine industry: Peter van Rhoon (Editor-in-Chief Code Magazine), Martien Mellema (Fashion Director Vogue NL), Luis Mendo (Art Director) and Georgette Koning (Fashion journalist). The moment of truth had come upon us. ‘And the winner is…My Name Is!’ My heart skipped a beat; this was the concept that my team and I had created!

The previous magazines teams are no longer competitors, we are now colleagues all working on the same magazine. Many things have already improved; even the name has been changed. Supported in every aspect by teams working on Sales, PR, Marketing, Online, etcetera. Everything in order to have a smooth launch early July 2013.  A magazine that focuses on a singular garment in a witty fashion. In this case, the skirt. We present you: Garment. Your editorial wardrobe.

About the author: I am Suzanne van Heerde, a 4th year Fashion & Branding student at AMFI living in the Hague. Next to my study I do a lot of styling, photography and I’m the co-founder of Splitternakt Vintage.

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