AMFI Transit

graduation event

The graduation event AMFI Transit offers a platform for more than 120 graduates from Design, Management and Branding to showcase their work.

AMFI Transit 2014 will take place on Saturday 28th of June in the World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam. A detailed programme will be published in May.

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Previous editions AMFI Transit



Transit 2013, the 8th edition of the event, showcased the work of more than 120 Design, Management and Branding graduates with an exhibition and a catwalk show.

This year Transit also celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the Independent Fashion Magazines programme with the launch of Garment Magazine and a special exhibition produced by students from the 10th magazine generation. They reached out to AMFI alumni from the last decade and interviewed them about how this study programme helped them to get to where they are now. Ernst Coppejans photographed the alumni and the portrait exhibit was presented at Transit 2013.

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Transit 2012 celebrated 20 years of AMFI. All former staff-members and former students from AMFI, Charles Montaigne and Mr. Koetsier were invited to a special alumni programme in the World Fashion Centre. Furthermore AMFI graduate and fashion photographer Duy Quoc Vo organised a photo-exhibition with portraits of 20 successful alumni from the fashion industry.

During Transit 2012 Designer Yvonne Kwok showed her graduation collection to an enthusiastic public. AMFI is proud that just two weeks later with this collection she won the G-Star RAW Talent award 2012 during Amsterdam Fashion Week.

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AMFI Transit 2011, the 6th edition of the event presented the work of more than 125 Design, Management and Branding graduates. Design students showed their collections on the catwalk and the final products of all three departments were presented at the exhibition.

For example, forecasting and collection books, brand manuals, production and business strategies, textile innovation and retail concepts. The diversity of products offered visitors an environment full of inspiration.

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Transit 2010


AMFI Transit 2010 was a jubilee edition; it was the 5th time the event had been organised. In light of this jubilee there was an award show during which eight prizes were presented to talented graduates. For Fashion & Design there was, for example, the Dr. Livingstone award (for most adventurous and authentic collection), for Fashion & Management the Green Globe award (for most innovative solution) and for Fashion & Branding the Magic Hat award (for most original thinking).

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During AMFI Transit 2009 23 Fashion & Design graduates showed their collections on the catwalk; a huge show. This year the exhibition not only presented  the graduates’ final products, but also the process that led to these products.

A sketch, concept or sample proved to be just as inspiring as a research rapport, collection, brand manual or forecasting book. During Transit 2009 Branding and Management graduates also took part in a talk show with several speakers on the topic ‘Happy Crisis’, moderated by Bahram Sadeghi (de Balie).

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In 2008 AMFI Transit was organised in the World Fashion Centre for the first time. The programme contained a catwalk show, exhibition and talk show. During the talk show six Branding and Management graduates discussed several topics with three fashion professionals;  Carlo Wijnands (AFW), Marian Wigger ( and Peter van Rhoon (CODE magazine).

Design graduate Anneloes van Osselaer, who presented an impressive collection during Transit, also won the G-Star RAW Talent award 2008 a few weeks later during Amsterdam Fashion Week.

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In 2007 AMFI Transit was organised at two locations; former BG and Club 11 in Amsterdam. The theme of this years’ Transit was inside metamorphoses: the mental and physic change students go through during their study. Focus in the presentations was on personal growth and the transit from student to professional.

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The first edition of  AMFI Transit in 2006 was organised in the Zuiveringshal of the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. This was the first time that graduates from all three departments presented their work to the public during a joint event.

All decor elements were painted white as a metaphore for transition;  the student as a blank page on the threshold of a new phase in life:  ready to conquer a position in the fashion world.

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