Triptiek 2017


As we can’t get enough from it, we present the best photos from last week’s Triptiek event!

Article by Roy Doron  2nd year International Fashion & Branding

250 AMFI students from all departments, 200 faculty members and professionals from the industry, and many, many friends and families came to support the young talents during the  annual second year students event Triptiek  on the 24th of January 2017 in Amsterdam’s Het Sieraad.  They saw brand presentations of 10 fashion concepts that were developed in only two weeks, and of course a spectacular fashion show.

The highlights of the event were caught on camera by two professional fashion  photographers, Cornelis Blokbergen and Mykola Bugai and three of our first year students at AMFI:  Magda Domagala, Kate Vasilieva and Miriam Rahel. We selected their best shots for you to enjoy!