‘Typography isn’t chewing gum’- Luis Mendo

Since the age of twelve magazines were always a big part of my inspiration. Hence the Independent Fashion Magazines programme was a logical choice when choosing my path. The programme entails creating an innovative and refreshing concept for a fashion magazine. Nine teams consisting of five to six people will strive to create the winning concept that will be reproduced and sold worldwide.

Imagine creating a concept for a fashion magazine within one week. We did. Just two weeks  into the semester and we are already working on articles, shoots and productions to fill up our creatively conceived concept. Various lectures were given by people in the industry to inspire and clarify all our thoughts. Creative professionals such as Peter van Rhoon, Editor in Chief at Code Magazine and Puck Landewé Editor at Prestage Magazine, were both guest speakers giving us the ins and outs of magazine making. These were very valuable lectures and eventually turned into conversations, as one has no idea how much goes into creating that fashion zeitgeist bible.

Talking to journalist Bregje Lampe

Even the slightest details can make a huge difference. Puck Landewé gave us a super simple and valuable tip: ‘When things are done easy they often turn out cheesy.’ Memorably Luis Mendo, a Graphic Designer who gave us an inspiring lecture, warned us not to fiddle around with existing typography styles because ‘Typography isn’t chewing gum.’ That was one of the cleverest tips I’ve heard lately. 

Besides the concept and look & feel, the text is a very valuable and substantial element. With the help of Journalist Bregje Lampe and Magazine Maker Petra Boers the articles have started to form a tone of voice catered to the fashion oriented crowd.

Hopefully all these insights will give us tons of inspiration to fill a 60 – 80 page magazine within a few weeks. All I can say is that my team will be focusing on exploring the depths of a singular clothing article every issue, making that ordinary item extraordinary.

About the author: I am Suzanne van Heerde, a 4th year Fashion & Branding student at AMFI living in the Hague. Next to my study I do a lot of styling, photography and I’m the co-founder of Splitternakt Vintage.

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