The Ultimate Guide on How to Survive the AMFI Intake Days

Curiosity meets excitement. When damp hands are bundled with hopeful faces, it’s time for the AMFI Intake Days. The moment that gives potential new students the chance to let them show their suitability for the Amsterdam Fashion Institute as well as the fashion world. In the following, we provide you with five tips and tricks on how to survive the AMFI Intake Days successfully.


Article by Katharina Gerken.



First and probably one of the most important rules to prepare yourself mentally: don’t panic. Being nervous on your Intake Day is totally normal, since you want to show the best version of yourself on this special day. AMFI isn’t aiming for a harsh intake procedure, it is all about finding out if you and AMFI would be a good match. The environment at AMFI is super helpful and open-minded, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.  And always keep in mind: you are not the only one. A lot of applicants managed to survive the Intake Days, so can you.



All students at AMFI are extremely familiar with sleepless nights before a deadline. Therefore, we would like to prevent you from a stressful all-nighter. The given assignment might challenge you, but don’t forget: it is doable if you start early enough. Being creative sometimes takes time, therefore make sure to start right away to be satisfied with the outcome of your project. This attitude might save you within your AMFI career.



One thing our teachers love? Working with Process Books! A way to work perfectly structured is to divide your assignment in several phases such as research, decision-making and evaluation. Therefore, you work in a critical way and teachers can directly see your self-development as well as your way of self-reflecting, which is a main learning aim at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute.



As it is for the majority, English might not be your mother language. You might be afraid to make mistakes, but learning a language fluently is all learning-by-doing. Trust me, your English will improve with time and at the Intake Day, there is definitely room for mistakes. Overcome your fear and try to speak as loud and clear as you can, the rest will come with time.



Last but not least, BE YOURSELF! Easy said, but staying true to yourself is a crucial element for your Intake Day. During your interview, in which you talk to AMFI teachers and students, try to be as honest and genuine as possible. On your Intake Day, AMFI wants to get to know you – not someone you’re trying to pretend to be. Trust in yourself and you will rock your Intake Day at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute.


In this spirit to all the applicants – enjoy your Intake and make it one of a kind.


(Big thanks to Cornel Doornebosch (Second Year Int. Fashion & Design), Sanne Lejeune (Second Year Int. Fashion & Management) and Luisa Temmen (Int. Fashion & Branding Applicant) for giving me a personal and inspiring insight of their Intake Day.)

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