Seventeen design graduates present: “…And Now What?”, a short film in which the designers reflect on the challenges of graduating in 2020, the future of the fashion industry and their future after graduation; balancing between conviction and questions.

“…And Now What?” consists of individual portraits in which the 17 alumni highlight their work, but it also shows their similarities and differences, bundled as a collective; the voice of a generation.

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Anne Jakobsen

Fashion & Design
Born and raised in Zeeland, the stories about the flood disaster of 1953 were brought up from scratch. As a child I spent many sunny days on the beach, playing at the tide line and with the sand. These are important memories for me of Zeeland, of the event in 1953 and of the Zeeland heritage, the regional dress. What if the water were to rise now? How are we going to survive a flood? And what will happen to Zeeland's heritage? Memories will remain, but the tangible will disappear. And do we actually know what to do when the water comes?
For my graduation project Als ons water stijgt I designed three conceptual survival kits that highlight three different basic human responses that can occur in the event of a flood.

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Alison Murray

Fashion & Design
highlights our constant moving from our physical, phygital, and digital being, more so now with digital communication rising dramatically during Covid. In this project alison_murray creatively explores our phygital relationship in these turbulent times, producing a fully digital fashion collection, interactive showrooms and virtual exhibitions; highlighting collaboration and digital responsibility. The collection only uses fabrics grounded in research into which digital fabric is more responsible and ‘sustainable’: by carrying out experimentation into which CLO3D fabric has the lowest render times and files sizes. Resulting in founding the new digital fashion care label.

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Boudine Ottevanger

Fashion & Design
La festa della donna, in tutta la bellezza
is a story by Boudine Ottevanger inspired by the Italian way of living. The story is about an imaginary woman where her precious memories are translated into her wardrobe. Each look captures a very special moment. This collection, full of knits and silky prints, is an ode to tactility and its beauty

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Boudine Coffee

Bo Beckers

Fashion & Design
A Mesocosmic Being presents a story on finding peace in the Alpine nature. It’s an escape from her hectic and noisy city life full of pressure to perform. The serenity of the Alps makes her feel so aware; every colour, shape and detail gets to be fully experienced.
Replicating the Alpine landscape in material design by using traditional and modern craft gives her the opportunity to preserve natures beautiful elements. In this way she took a piece of nature and let it develop elsewhere, like a mesocosm. The wearer will be spiritually transformed into a mesocosmic being.
Out of her material collection she chose 3 samples which she developed into outfits. These outfits are a mixture of mountaineering wear, material experiment and couture.

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Emma Seppenwoolde

Fashion & Design
is a digitally designed, fully recycled raincoat collection made only from materials that can be found at a festival campsite. AcidRain is a brand inspired by the use of artificial happiness at festivals and enriched with Augmented Reality prints to enhance the festival experience.

Emma Emma2

Cornel Doornebosch

Fashion & Design
is an 18 minute shortfilm presenting a future scenario of what things might look like once AI has determined to be superior to their creator; humans. In this shortfilm the viewer will be guided by a narration of an AI through 4 different habitats in a human zoo; a research lab, an art gallery, a prison and a place of worship. After the tour through these 4 habitats you'll end up in the giftshop accompanied by a narration of the final speach. The main focus of the film is on the presentation of human life, behavior and weaknesses, and how different environments and circomstances may affect them.

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Josephine Malcorps

Fashion & Design
In Solitude She Dwells
is a story about today’s melancholia which results in to a longing for nostalgia. It is about a girl which lives in her abandoned family home, left behind with only antique curtains and the family portraits on the walls. She looks outside the window each day and sees the seasons change. A longing to the spring she feels each winter, but by covering herself with the curtains she steps outside and serenity fills her by seeing beauty in the bleak setting. In this story Josephine Malcorps use metaphors for today’s society such as the fast changing world around us. The finest materials that she collected and kept for years finally got their purpose in this collection. The materials became highly technical tailored pieces with craftmanship, handwork and a lot of emotional value put in to every made piece.

Josephine's video Josephine's video
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Julia Evenblij

Fashion & Design
From the moment we come into this world our pre-determined path guides our way through life. Cultural input and social historical bagage from families turns children into reflections of their ancestors. Only caught up by time itself and technological advancement we gain the idea of self exploration pushed forward by the false belief we are individuals. In this collection I’m reflecting on social cultural individualism and the pressure of your cultural bagage that affects your identity as a child.

As a kid I was raised in a strong religious family. My collection UNDER HIS EYE reflects the transition I made by breaking with this way of life and unblooming my inner child.This collection represents the six silhouettes of alter ego’s of my childhood.

Julia evenblij Juul

Katja Ravina

Fashion & Design
Following Russian traditions, rituals and beliefs, The dowry of Katja R. is a collection of the outfits for 6 stages of life. Taking graduation as a ritual of initiation, I consider the process of working on in as a mental and practical preparation for the future. It is an ode to manual labour, handcraft, and mindfullness, resulting in a bond between a product and a creator.

Katja's video Katja's video
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Lea Pauw

Fashion & Design
goal is to create an experience for the customer to never forget. A memory that you will remember while wearing the products. The feeling of being on a holiday, and coming home with a souvenir that brings back all the nice memories. Ready to take a break?

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Leonore Boeke

Fashion & Design
We Are Under Construction
is a visual representation of the times we found ourselves in right now. After the crisis hit every single person in the world, we came to conclude that not only our fashion system, but our whole social system needs to change. But in order to create something new, we need to say goodbye to the old. We need to break and burn down everything we know, only than we can start rebuilding again. Five boys, spread across the Dutch landscape, conducting a silent protest to demand change in the fashion industry and work on a better future.

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Merel Pruijsen

Fashion & Design
believes that we desire freedom for open expression, unity and truthfulness.
The brand blends elements of nostalgic allure with surprising conceptual translations into an eclectic togetherness of clothing expressions.
The philosophy and otherworldly experiences of MEREL LI-ANN aim to start a conversation that opens the mind for a more conscious handling towards products and valuable way of living.

During groundbreaking events and turbulent times we question the experience of reality and desire a state of bliss. MEREL LI-ANN invites its audience into an imaginary garden where the individual loses its sense of oneself and becomes one with the otherworldly laws of ‘Cloud9’.

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Michael Stokvis

Fashion & Design
Based on the evolution theory ''the aquatic ape hypothesis'' the collection Devolution of the 22nd Century shows a devolution of human kind. We have to go back in order to go forward. The collection lays with decayed, deforming and reshaping of everyday clothing items as well as the technical wetsuits. My underwater world is being displayed by the use of AR

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Miriam Scheller

Fashion & Design
Metamorphosis- an honest conversation about mental health is o
pening up a dialog about mental health to support and empower without the need to purchase physical garments. Fashion is used as transmitter in an artistic way.

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Naomi Opheij

Fashion & Design
In response to the high expectations within society, the collection IT’S OKAY TO BE NOT OKAY focuses on the importance of ‘self-care’. By using old garments from the eighties and nineties as inspiration, which have been translated in an ironic ‘meme-like’ way into a hyperbolic collection.
The collection starts the conversation and aims to break the taboo surrounding (student) burnouts through the garments. To achieve this, the perspective of the problem is changed by showing it in a different light. The usage of exaggerated stereotypes, gives lightness around this subject.
By transforming old soccer items into contemporary exaggerated streetwear items, this collection refers back to old-school hiphop, where athleisurewear often was used in a bold and daring way.

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Oilily Verbeek

Fashion & Design
It Disappeared into Complete Silenced.
Inspired by the freedom of working with people from different artistic disciplines, Oilily links high level techniques of all sorts to create all visual stories she feels need to be told. The storytelling she uses is inspired by a never-to-be-mentioned childhood, by remembering the past and dreaming of a future. Contradictions such as holding and releasing, falling and growing, living life and surviving are portrayed using refined techniques that honour traditional craft and couture. Her collections combine a signature sense of femininity with historical references to create a modern, romantic aesthetic.

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Sema Dogan

Fashion & Design
, where east and west meet and merge. This collection originated from a personal point of view, a bi-cultural background. Born and raised in the Netherlands, with a Turkish cultural background. Inspired by living in Istanbul and the Pera district and getting fascinated by the east/west element of the city. Taking design elements from Ottoman historical garments and adding them to western tailoring to create new shapes in vintage blazers which clashes to a new, sustainable streetwear collection. The aim to be the bridge between diverse cultures and bridging gaps while breaking stereotypes.

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tori van veen

Fashion & Design
I am discovering the possibilities of natural latex. With the material I can make seamless clothing. This way I can work without leftover material. Also, natural latex is 100% biodegradable. Since the emergence of the corona crisis, latex has been on the rise. Not only it was much seen during the Paris fashion week 2020, but also latex gloves have taken a place in our daily lives. For years people have tried in various ways to protect themselves against disease, danger and other forms of disaster. Designs, fabrics, jewelry and entire uniforms have been created to shield body and mind from influences invisible to the naked eye. Protective and functional clothing is on the rise at the moment. Latex works as a protective shield, and by combining protection and function together it is the perfect collection for this moment and the future. My collection works as a fashionable protective shield against the pollution we bring into the world.

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Rik Westerman

Fashion & Design
Currently we are living in the Holocene Epoch, the now forming rock layer which started more than 11,500 years ago as the last Ice Age came to an end. Because human activity is leaving an omnipresent signature on Earth, debate continues about whether a new Epoch needs to be declared, the Anthropocene. Thus far the layers have been natural without human impact like the layers of the Jurassic- or Cretaceous period. When looking at the Anthropocene and human’s activity, one can’t help but wonder; what kind of layer are we leaving behind?
Five places that have been profoundly reshaped by human mediation are investigated: Powerplant, Landfill, Ocean, Farmland, City and the research is translated into a conceptual visualization of the layers. The conceptual translations of those layers are used as the inspiration for the outfits that together make up the collection ANTHROPOCENE

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Flora management

Flora van den Berg

Fashion & Management
After having followed the Fashion Theories minor (a brilliant minor led by Rebecca Breuer which I would recommend to all) I knew I wanted to dive into a topic that would not only be extremely relevant to current day society, but imbricate multiple academic domains, such as sociology, philosophy and feminist theory, too. I decided to focus my research on the modern day phenomenon known as Girlboss Culture, in particular its assumed link to feminism. It became a thorough research into the origins of this culture that inspired many women to start a business, and its myriad of received criticism. Ultimately this research resulted in a small book deep-diving into the research, and an Open Space Submission for the Feminist Review.

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Jitske management

Jitske van der Woude

Fashion & Management
To really make a positive change in this wasteful, destructive and exploitative industry, the elephant in the room must be addressed: overconsumption. My thesis hence employs the philosophy of Félix Guattari to indicate how deeply rooted, transversal and complex the issues we are facing are. This has emphasized that our approach towards fashion, in which garments mainly stand for expressing our identity, needs to first be enriched with an affective connection, which aims at maximizing the sensitivities of human bodies to allow the experience of a physical reaction, such as an emotion. Therefore, I have illustrated how these affective qualities in fashion can be enlarged to raise awareness of all that can be experienced between bodies and garments.

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Hip hop

Livia Hirsch

Fashion & Management
Fashion and music are two mutually entrenched art forms. From the flappers in the 1920s to the 90s Grunge movement, each music genre has its own distinct visual culture associated with it. Yet few brands have forged a musical signature with the same degree of precision that they bring to their images and designs. This is surprising given that what keeps consumers coming back to the same brand is what makes for authentic music: an emotional connection.

In 2017, hip-hop music topped rock music as the most listened to genre globally. As hip-hop becomes the music genre of this generation, my thesis explored whether hip-hop music could impact how a listener perceives luxury brands. The results? Although music and fashion enjoy a symbiotic relationship, the music genre has little influence on a consumer’s perception of a luxury fashion brand in regards to certain characteristics.

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Ciaran designmanagement

Ciarán MacDomhnaill

Fashion & Design
I graduated from Fashion & Design with a more elaborate theoretical thesis and project. The Honours Minor ‘Fashion Theories’ played a pivotal role in my research ambitions and eagerness to gain knowledge of the appropriate themes, theories and authors surrounding fashion and society. By using leading theoretical perspectives, I critically analysed the current pedagogical methods employed in fashion design curricula and the need for a more inclusive user-centred approach. The result was a thesis on ‘Empathic Fashion Design’ and a publication in a peer-reviewed academic journal.


Porchia Azieku

A project focused on the intersection between African culture and Western fashion, to research strategies of companies that use the influence of African cultures in their brand. The results of the report are of interest to both new and existing companies involved in the development of cross-cultural fashion. The key focus of this report is on the integration of elements of African culture, so it is primarily focused on the use of tangible cultural elements of African culture. Through reading this study and the final product, retailers gain insight into the obstacles that can be experienced when making cross-cultural clothing—developing an understanding of both Western and non-Western consumer perspectives on the use of cultural elements to meet their needs.

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Agata Zweekhorst

Fashion & Management
My graduation project, The Road to 100, emerged from a collaboration between AMFI, Saxion University of Applied Sciences and MUD Jeans. MUD Jeans has set the goal to develop the first 100% post-consumer recycled cotton jeans using mechanical- and chemical recycling methods. Therefore, I did research into the process and development of a 100% recycled cotton fabric by weaving the fabric samples and executing different required fabric tests. Based on these fabric tests and the set requirements by MUD Jeans I developed a benchmark for recycled denim and a techpack for the first 100% designed for recycling post-consumer cotton jeans.

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Maryn pinkster

Maryn Pinkster

Fashion & Management
My research reviewed why millions of women are still experiencing unwanted sexual advances today, whilst sexual harassment has already been illegalized more than 50 years ago. Whereas the #MeToo movement holds perpetrators accountable for their actions only from a (unilateral) legal justice perspective, the goal of my thesis and animated video, was to offer an alternative approach in conceptualizing the problem of sexual harassment in its full complexity.

Ultimately, my thesis argued that patriarchal structures in our Western society constrain individuals. Additionally, it argued that women’s activism, like #MeToo, might gain better results by broadening its aim to challenge these structures too.

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Fieke Dhondt

Fashion & Management
Human-induced climate change will challenge the availability of textile fibres, whereas today’s apparel industry leaves behind a substantial environmental footprint. Sustainable hemp textiles can lighten it. The results of this study emphasise how hemp is not only a sustainable alternative for the current most used fibres but also exceeds those fibres in climate change resistance. Given this, it is recommended that fashion brands use hemp as a key material in the future.

LinkedIn article on Fieke's thesis


Britte Onink

Fashion & Management
"Renting clothes is going to replace fast fashion “. The current fashion market is demanding for a change in which quality and sustainability are key. In my graduation project I focused on the emerging consumer interest on renting clothes instead of buying. Based on consumer behavior towards rental, and researching a future proof fashion business, I created LOUÉ. A fashion rental platform which inspires and encourage customers to rent clothes and be part of the sustainable movement. Because : Why should we buy?

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Noëlle As

Fashion & Management
Upcycling is on the rise! More and more small companies are opting for this sustainable way of producing. However, it turns out to be inefficient to hand over the process completely because constant supervision is required during the upcycling production process. My research analyzes the feasibility of self-managing the upcycling production process in the Netherlands for small companies in the fashion industry. The aim of this research is to realize an upcycling production process for my own company Bomb in the Netherlands.

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