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Our graduates work at world-renowned companies.
Concept Developer, Fashion Designer, Product Manager, Lifestyle Journalist, Retail Merchandiser or Creative Producer, these are just a few of the many job roles our alumni take on in the (international) fashion industry. Other graduates have chosen to explore their personal vision by building their own companies.

AMFI Entrepreneurs

Photography by alumnus Justine Tjallinks, Styling by alumnus Lisa Dymph Megens

Debora Leeser webres

Debora Leeser

Owner, Choices by DL | F&B graduate 2008
Roos web 11

Roos Soetekouw

Founder, Roos Soetekouw Design | F&D graduate 2010
Mandy Meuwese webres

Mandy Meuwese

Founder, GANBAROO PRPR | F&B graduate 2000
Anne Marie Commandeur webres

Anne Marie Commandeur

Founder, stijlinstituut amsterdam | F&D graduate 1983
Bart Koene

Bart Koene

Founder, Barts | F&M graduate 1987
Narda web 11

Narda van ‘t Veer

Owner, UNIT c.m.a. | F&M graduate 1982
Jazz Kuipers webres

Jazz Kuipers

Founder, Jazz Kuipers Menswear | F&D graduate 2013
Emilie Sobels webres

Emilie Sobels

Founder, #workmode; Fashiolista | F&B graduate 2013
Martijn Nekoui webres

Martijn Nekoui

Founder, MOAM Amsterdam | F&B graduate 2012
Mart visser webres 2

Mart Visser

Founder, Mart Visser | F&D graduate 1992
Bianca van der Lee websres

Bianca van der Lee

Founder, Chaud Devant | F&M graduate 1990
Alisha Staats webres

Alisha Staats

Founder & Designer, CHA | F&M graduate 2009

10 years independent fashion magazines | 2003 - 2013

Photography by Ernst Coppejans

AMFI 1 copy

Petra Gremie

Owner Gremie Ontwerpt | F&B graduate 2005
AMFI 2 copy

Camiel De Roover

Product Developer Calvin Klein Jeans | F&M graduate 2008
AMFI 3 copy

Claire van Egmond

Model Scout, I am ELK Models Amsterdam | F&B graduate 2008
AMFI 4 copy

Marise Doeve

Online Marketeer Sanoma | F&B graduate 2009
AMFI 5 copy

Josselin Bijl

Beauty & Lifestyle Editor | F&D graduate 2009
AMFI 6 copy

Lisa Goudsmit

Freelance Design Journalist | F&M graduate 2010
AMFI 7 copy

Nicole Huisman

Shopping Editor Hearst Magazines | F&B graduate 2011
AMFI 8 copy

Robin Straatman

Sales & Motion Unit c.m.a. | F&B graduate 2012
AMFI 9 copy

Christa Wolf

Social Media Top Ideas Marketing & Events | F&B graduate 2013

amfi 20 years | 1993 - 2012

Photography by alumnus Duy Quoc Vo

Duy Quoc Vo

Duy Quoc Vo

Independent Fashion Artist | F&B graduate 2012
Hannah van Well

Hannah van Well

Freelance Fashion Stylist | IF&M graduate 2011
Holly Syrett

Holly Syrett

Manager Marketing Partnerships & Concept Development Amsterdam Fashion Week | IF&B graduate 2010
Jan Willem Hubner

Jan-Willem Hubner

Director of Retail Standards American Apparel | IF&B graduate 2009
Thomas Vermeer1

Thomas Vermeer

Fashion Editor / Stylist | F&B graduate 2008
Gina Sanches

Gina Sanches

Freelance Designer / Stylist | IF&D graduate 2007
Jolien Meijssen

Jolien Meyssen

Product Developer Ann Demeulemeester | F&D graduate 2006
Elisa Beenakker

Elisabeth Neid

Copywriter Heimat Berlin | F&B graduate 2005
Igor Guineau

Igor Guinau

Creative Manager Tommy Hilfiger | F&B graduate 2004
Antoinette Degens

Antoinette Degens

Fashion Editor ELLE Magazine | F&B graduate 2004
Nicholas Hurenkamp

Nicholas Hurenkamp

Sourcing & Quality Manager V&D | F&M graduate 2003
Fem Stoetzer

Fem Stoetzer

Global Retail Marketing & Visual Merchandising Manager Helly Hansen | F&B graduate 2002
Mada van gaans

Mada van Gaans

Owner Mada van Gaans | F&D graduate 2001
Wouter van der Pol

Wouter van der Pol

VP Global Advertising & Branding Tommy Hilfiger | F&M graduate 2000
Anke Helmich

Anke Helmich

Owner | F&D graduate 1998
Jeroen Kamphorst

Jeroen Kamphorst

Owner Jeroen Kamphorst Styling | F&D graduate 1997
Bastiaan van Lon

Bastiaan van Lon

Product Director McGregor Fashion Group | F&M graduate 1996
Jeffrey Joustra

Jeffrey Joustra

Sr. Graphic Designer DIDI Fashion B.V. | F&D graduate 1995
Ondrej Turek

Ondrej Turek

Product Manager Pants / Swim Men’s Sportswear Tommy Hilfiger | F&M graduate 1994
Iebele van der Meulen

Iebele van der Meulen

Editor in Chief LINDA.specials and Creative Director LINDA.magazine | F&D graduate 1993