Events November 25, 2020

AMFI - Amsterdam Fashion Institute hosts IFFTI Masterclass

On the 8th of December, AMFI will host the second in a series of IFFTI workshops/masterclasses, the theme of this edition will be ‘The Future of Fashion Education’. The masterclass will be hosted online, on Zoom and is open to IFFTI members only. Click here to register.




New York






14:00 Welcome – Dirk Reynders, AMFI - Amsterdam Fashion Institute
14:10-14:30: Talk about the opportunities in the Corona era – Jitske Cramer
14:30-14:50: Talk about the future of education – Saskia van Stein
14:50-15:10: Talk about fashion and education – Karime Salame Sainz
15:10-15:50: Round table talk with all speakers and attendees
15:50-16:00 Close – Dirk Reynders

Key themes – fashion, education, creativity, diversity, societal challenges, opportunities
Fashion talks. It can disrupt, grab attention and make us laugh. It can also reflect cultural concerns and political protest.

Jitske Cramer is a corporate anthropologist and travels the world to learn from traditional healers, leaders, surprising innovators and random passers-by. In her stories Jitske Kramer takes you on an exciting journey to human problems and solutions. To improve the strength and results of organisations (and just make the world a little nicer).

Saskia van Stein is an independent curator, moderator, and as educator she’s the Head of the Master Department entitled The Critical Inquiry Lab at The Design Academy in Eindhoven. With artistic research at its core, the course provides an environment for the development of a design practice understood as a cultural signifier and an agent of change. Rooted in cultural analysis and design theory, the department questions the role of design in relation to the visible and invisible structures and systems underpinning our society. Research not understood as something separate from design - but as design in and of itself.

Karime Salame Sainz is a Mexican textile and fashion designer based in Amsterdam. She studied in Mexico, Spain (Instituto Europeo di Design), Germany (HFK Bremen), and The Netherlands (Sandberg Instituut). After working in fashion for several years she focused on developing her own designs and reformulating her practice towards a more socially engaged fashion. Karime reinterprets the wearing of clothes new, resulting in new visions that show unexpected translations of what fashion could be. She has been teaching at AMFI – Amsterdam Fashion Institute since 2019 and since recently coordinating the diversity department within the institution researching the problematics embedded in colonial and cultural studies resulting in visions that open a dialogue about fashion and its practice.


Attendees: The event is open to all IFFTI member staff; attendees are invited to listen to our speakers and participate in a lively discussion e.g. asking questions, debating the themes, identifying opportunities for collaboration etc.

Chair: Peter Leferink, Head Fashion & Design, AMFI – Amsterdam Fashion Institute

Recording: The event will be recorded and available on the IFFTI website – all users will consent to recording when they register.

Images by Alison Murray

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