Events April 26, 2022

Chapter IDENTITY - Film screening "Kiki" on 18 May

Chapters is a series of interactive programmes for and by the AMFI community, centered around a theme each semester. We’re honored to invite you to the pilot; Chapter - IDENTITY. Click here to see the full programme of Chapter – IDENTITY.

Kiki is a subculture within the New York ballroom scene: it is more than a dance club or place for extravagant drag queens. The clubs where LGBTQ youth of color congregate are called "houses" and are often playfully named after famous fashion brands. In addition to dance classes and competitions, the houses provide a safe haven and second family for the youth. Many of them face exclusion and discrimination at an early age, often forcing them to live on the streets. Some prostitute themselves to earn a living.

Founder and "father" of one of the Kiki houses is Twiggy Pucci Garçon. He runs the Opulent Haus or PUCCI with inspiration. Together with Swedish director Sara Jordenö, he takes the audience into the beating heart of this powerful community. We get an exclusive glimpse into the special subculture full of glamour, friendship and inspiring leadership. But it is not only gold that shines. Besides dance competitions full of colorful outfits, we also see the harsh reality: the insecurity of disease, street life and sex work. We also see how politics and the issues surrounding sex change are discussed.

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Title: Kiki | Date: 18 May, 16:30 | Location: AMFI Film Room

By: Fashion & Visual Culture minor, Movies That Matter, D&I team

Sara Jordenö, 2016, U.S., documentary, English spoken, not subtitled, 95 minutes.

This event is for AMFI students & staff only.