Events April 26, 2022

Chapter IDENTITY - "RUBBING THE SELVES, a pleasure praxis" - an interactive lecture on the 11 May

Chapters is a series of interactive programmes for and by the AMFI community, centered around a theme each semester. We’re honored to invite you to the pilot; Chapter - IDENTITY. Click here to see the full programme of Chapter – IDENTITY.

Esther Arribas will present their work with various rubbing techniques framed within a praxis of pleasure that calls for social transformation. Linked to their training in dance and choreography, Esther's research stems from a critical engagement with the politics of embodiment. In their work with movement and somatics, bodies get to question their habits and automated behaviors, and in turn, expand their multiple selves. Building on this prior work, Esther's research addresses the potential power of pleasure, which can only be transformative when understood from a queer perspective: pleasure as a vital and chaotic force, beyond stable identities. And when contextualized within a feminist genealogy: pleasure as a historically restricted space for minority identities, especially at the intersection with different modes of discrimination (gender, race, ability, class, etc.)

In a reparative gesture, Esther will draw attention to the word scissoring (referring to a sexual act of genital rubbing associated with lesbians). From a joyful and juicy point of view, the lecture becomes a workshop to practice together with the somatic and discursive possibilities of a well-lubricated hand scissoring practice.

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Title: RUBBING THE SELVES, a pleasure praxis | Date: 11 May, 16:30 -18:30 | Location: AMFI Film Room

By: D&I Team, Esther Arribas

This event is for AMFI students & staff only.