Events January 26, 2022

Take part in AMFI's Brands & Innovation specialization Panel Talk on the 26th of January!

The students of AMFI's Brands & Innovation specialization would like to welcome you to their Panel Talk on the 26th of January at 14:00h. During the specialization Brands & Innovation, students have been working on their vision of the future. And more importantly, what influence that future will have on our industry. After developing a future scenario for 2032, the students have developed a concept, including a product or service, for different Dutch brands.

Fashion is pre-eminently about change: it is constantly in motion and is a 'living' phenomenon. Fashion moves along with political, social, and economic developments and evolves constantly. By observing, analyzing, and examining all these changes, we can ultimately shape the future. They call to action. But what is your contribution to shaping the future of fashion?

Curious about what the students have been working on? Click below to find out more and get the link for the Panel Talk.

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