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Hypercraft is a dynamic fashion minor and specialization that caters to students with diverse backgrounds, whether they have design expertise or are new to the field. Organized into two groups, Cyber Tailoring and Immersive Fashion, students engage in unique projects that highlight their creativity and skills.

In Cyber Tailoring, the focus lies in exploring the fascinating intersection between physical and digital fashion, resulting in innovative designs that seamlessly blend the tangible and virtual realms.

Immersive Fashion aims to enhance the consumer experience by creating immersive fashion collections and experiences. Students in this group utilize creative techniques and cutting-edge technologies to captivate audiences.

Throughout the program, students develop essential digital skills by choosing specific tools to explore their creative potential. Our primary goal is to expose students to the latest technologies and equip them with essential digital skills. This specialization encourages students to delve into relevant topics and projects within the realm of Fashion & Technology, supported by research and experimentation. Guided to make well-justified design choices, considering silhouette, form, and function, students also evaluate the role of their work within the fashion industry. By merging creativity, technology, and innovation, they shape the future of fashion using their acquired digital knowledge.

Hypercaft students work featured on this site by Jinwon Kim, Yoojin Seo, Sammy Hoever, Yaroslav Grygorchuk

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