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Fashion & Denim

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This minor programme offers students with a background in Fashion Business & Development, Design and Branding an immersive reality school group project to deepen their specialization choice. The aim is to create and pitch a new denim brand to leading industry experts. The minor has an in-depth focus on the following:

• Knowledge of "The Denim World": including history, the international perspective, technical background, and social and environmental issues

• Experimentation and Innovation- from yarn and fabric through wash finishes, garment design, production, marketing and branding

• Application of design, product development and branding to achieve successful commercial outcomes for a seasonal denim range

• Communication and presentation - including industry pitches

The program involves the development of specialist skills via team and individual work and is closely linked to expert external and international partners – right in the heart of the jeans capital of the world, Amsterdam.

Examples of brands we have worked with: Denham, Kings of Indigo, Tommy Hilfiger, G-Star, Levis, Candiani, Isko, IMjiT35020 and Eroglu, Pizzaro.

Examples of speakers & workshops: Denim City, AMK Atelier, Blueprint Amsterdam, Clinic Law Incubator, Fair Wear Foundation, This is Pirates, Adriano Goldschmied, Blu Projects

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Further insights on the Fashion & Denim minor here and more information on our award winning students below:

Sportswear International "Special Mention" Award

Kapow Project during the Denim Days and Kingpins events

Featured works on this website includes works by

Winner of the ISKO I-SKOOL Certified Responsible Innovation Award: Nikita Sugiyanti

Student group: Nienke Venema, Lynden Waardenburg, Esmée Krouwels, Alejandra Velasco Torres, Alexandra Clot, Juliana Sharday

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