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Fashion & Marketing Innovation

The core focus of Fashion & Marketing Innovation is to understand how and when brands acquire meaning and value for people. Today people belong to varying social and cultural communities and gaining deep understanding of these communities, and how they work, can provide brand with opportunities to innovate their marketing. Marketing is seen as every activity that a brand initiates in order to influence a community and by doing so encourage people to like their brand. Marketing activities and approaches can make use of varying media to share a message e.g. a store, a product, a video, a tweet, a reel or a combination of these. Brands aim to convey their value proposition, and also their beliefs, when engaging with communities on these diverse media. Increasingly, brands are also turning to consumers to influence and create their messaging, facilitating a more intimate relationship and in turn driving innovation. In Fashion & Marketing Innovation, students will be ultimately analysing brands and communities in order to implement their learnings and experiment on how to create innovative and meaningful connections between the two.