July 19, 2018

Written by Elizabeth Thomas

Graduation is over! The very final step of our students AMFI career has come to an end but marks the beginning of a new chapter. We sat down with 6 graduates for one last time to reflect on their time here and what is to come in the future.

Naamloos 1

Name Katja Mihalova

Department Fashion & Branding

Internship I did my internship at LTH JKT LA. When I started there it was a start up company and when I left everything was up and running which was great to see.

Graduation project The Cool Fool Starter Pack is a creative approach on merchandising recording artist Gus Dapperton. Upon realising there was a disconnect between Gus Dapperton and his fan base, Katja developed a campaign that brings this artist to life in more ways than one. In collaboration with Goodwill and used clothing, she produced a sustainable and fashionable You’ll never want to be ordinary ever again.

Best AMFI experience The visual culture minor, the process of making a fashion video was really great because it’s not very often have that opportunity to mix fashion and film.

Biggest reality check during AMFI Embracing sleepless nights! And developing an eye for detail working up to the industry standard.

Plans for the near future I’m looking into working in Peru for Raymisa and further developing myself in film and as an art director.

Name Justus Benjamin de Jong

Department Fashion & Branding

Internship I did my internship at Wink, an experimental advertisement agency and concept developer.

Best AMFI experience My Graduation project for sure. I enjoyed every single moment. My advice to give anyone who is about to partake in this project, is to choose something that is very near and personal to you. And also something that everyone will know so they can give their own value to the brand.

Biggest reality check during AMFI Don’t make things too complex, go to the core and ask yourself the question “what do I want to tell?”. You have to be careful you don’t get tunnel vision.

Graduation project Techstyles is a modular line extension to LEGO wear. It is designed by taking the future into consideration, focussing on generation Alpha by encouraging children to learn as they play and stimulate them to explore their own identity and style. ‘Bring a lego character to life. Nowadays children wish to be batman and superman, but with this product they can be super batman.

Plans for near future Pitching this research project to LEGO in Denmark!

Naamloos 2

Name Layla Brizzio Brentar and Natalie Boeri van der Zee

Department Fashion & Design

Best AMFI experience Graduation! Because we got to do it together and got to do something we really wanted to do with a lot more liberty. There are no rules set for graduation as long as you make a statement and prove the relevance and your intentions. Then you have more wiggle room as long as you are convincing. It was a nice experience to do it together, it was the dream from the beginning. We got so much done together that for graduation it was a huge success and we enjoyed the process a lot. Sometimes when you’re working alone and you hit a wall you don’t know how to go further, but if you have someone else there you never really get stuck if you have that support.

Biggest reality check during AMFI I think right now after graduation. We’re not really students anymore, what now?

Internship Layla did her internship at Totem in Bali Natali did hers at Chalayan in London

Graduation project A lot is a brand that develops mirrored collections out of sustainable and overstock materials. It’s starting point was sustainability viewed by a street wear approach that addresses a child of the world. The girls believe sustainability should be a given and at the core of the idea not just an extra. And that it should be cool! Though a statement on sustainability is just as important this dynamic duo wanted to make it more approachable so people could relate to it in a special way.

Plans for near future We’re open to new projects as a duo and working with new brands and designers and trying to find solutions to the problems they have. Sustainability is such a heavy word now for brands but we want to push forward the idea of having fun with it.

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