The latest GARMENT MAGAZINE issue

October 30, 2021

The Garment Magazine minor proudly presents to you the 18th edition!

Garment Magazine is an independent production made by students of AMFI during the minor fashion & editorial branding.


This 18th issue of Garment put together in unprecedented times, is about an item that has been hanging in the back of our closets for a while now. The Party Dress. A piece of clothing we define as any garment that is open in between the legs and covers the top and bottom parts of our bodies. However: as long as you can dance in it, we consider it to be a party dress. We use the party dress as a vehicle to start conversations about important topics that lie beneath. Topics such as intersectional feminism, gender, diversity and inclusivity, which are a reflection of the zeitgeist. Garment reflects upon the narratives, associations, possibilities and shows what can be achieved when we become open to change. Are you ready to dance your way towards change with us?

Then you will find the 18th Garment Magazine- the party dress issue at three bookshops of your choice. Check the bookshops to get the Garment Magzine out here.

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Credits for the Cover Photo

Cover Photographer: Joana Kazmaier
Concept: Adrianna Konieczny and Didem Kirca
Stylists: Aga Leszczyńska and Domino Struik
Producer: Noa Meihuizen and Elena Garrison
Casting Director: Didem Kirca
Creative Director: Joana Kazmaier and Didem Kirca
MUAH: Marly van den Bosch and Sarah Cloé Schrader
Models: Jiaqi Chok, Karmel Sabri and Bella Langner
Designs: Joseph William Raidt, Yasmin Li and Paulina Meyle

Garment magazine2