Japan Blue Group x AMFI

July 19, 2018

While most of you are enjoying your Summer holidays, AMFI is still going strong. Today, we had the honor to receive Katsu Manabe, his father Hisao Manabe (founder of the JB-group) and their PR & Design manager, Naomi Yoshimasu.

The Japan Blue Group is known for it’s authentic and handmade fabrics. True craftmanship is one of the core values of this company. Their business journey started with the revival of Japan Blue color-Japanese traditional ancient blue (natural indigo). They research and renew the beauty of “denim” every day. This traditional and innovative company cares for artisanal high quality and apply ultra-low-tech, very traditional manufacturing methods as well. Their products are considered “real and genuine” and acclaimed internationally.

In 2012, AMFI’s denim specialist Guido Kerssens visited their factory in Japan and multiple AMFI allumni are, next to other big brands, collaborating with the JB-group.

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