Prestigious Prizes for AMFI Alumni Lisi and Sarah

May 09, 2018

During the Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography, not one, but two AMFI alumni were rewarded with a prestigious prize. The festival is, since the business for several designers attending became booming, one of those “must visits” for the fashion industry. Some even say that what the Cannes Film Festival is for the movie industry, Hyères is for those who can count themselves as the best of the best within the fashion fields.

The contest became even more important – for the Dutchies at least – when Victor & Rolf were praised for their collection and received an award. But Hyères is not only an important contest for all who want to make it in fashion, it’s also one of the oldest festivals where fashion is the main topic. The first edition took place in 1985 and ever since, the main goal of the Festival is to encourage young (and old!) creatives to show their unique vision on fashion and the world in general!

Naamloos 1

This year, the prize of the City of Hyères, or better known as the Hyères audience award, went to “our own” Sarah Bruylant for her 19th century pointillist inspired collection with gracious, bright but big balloon-shaped dresses.

The Première Vision Grand Prize, went to designer duo BOTTER, or separately known as Rushemy Botter and Lisi Herrebrugh. You might recognize the name Lisi Herrebrugh, because she also is an AMFI alumni. BOTTER’s menswear collection was inspired by the mutual heritage of Botter and Herrebrugh (Caribbean) and pointed out cultural and environmental issues poured into colorful designs with a good doses of humor. The collection was bright, innovative and styled to perfection. Please notice the nice addition of inflatable toys, fishnets and (S)hell logos for making a statement concerning climate change, global warming and other –most worrying- earth issues. Not only is this message actual and touching, the message is also very human and real. BOTTER receives, among many other prizes, 15,000 euros and is going to collaborate with Chanel’s Métiers d’Art division.