Triptych 2018: “Always have an open mind.”

February 16, 2018

Three departments, 10 groups and three weeks. A few weeks ago the second year students of AMFI went on the rollercoaster called ‘Triptych”. Everyone approached the project in a different way, and had different experiences and learning moments. Reporter Zoë Akihary spoke to Wes, a second year Fashion & Branding student about his experience.

Article by Zoë Akihary.

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and something you expected to learn from Triptych?

My name is Wes and I’m a Fashion & Branding student. Beforehand I heard a lot of experiences and stories about Triptych, but I approached the project with an open mind. We had a very nice group with clear communication, which was great. I wanted to have a leading role during the project, because I’m normally more on the background waiting for something to happen. I like doing my own thing. But by working in a big group, I learned that I’m able to be a good leader. That was something I hadn’t tried before, so it was interesting for me to see what is was like to turn my way of working around. By doing so I developed my communication, organisation and leading skills.


What was a surprising element in the process of the project?

I didn’t expect that the communication could be so clear within such a big group. Everyone respected each other and had an open mind towards their peers. Besides that, I found it very important that everyone did something they felt comfortable with, or had the chance to develop themselves in certain areas they wanted to. That’s eventually what this project is all about; to focus on other aspects of the fashion industry and have the freedom to develop yourself.

What was your role during Triptych?

What I have learned during Triptych is to listen to other people. I have developed my English skills by speaking to others a lot. It was also very interesting to see the development of a concept from someone else’s perspective, which was very inspiring.During the project I learned how important clear communication is, because everything has to be in one line, in order to come up with a consistent brand DNA. A tip: Always explain to the rest of your group what you are doing. Other than that, I was mostly responsible for the concept, brand book and visualisation.

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All second year students explore the options for the flexibele programme in the third and fourth year. Were you able to use Triptych as a starting point for the upcoming two years?

First I didn’t really have a clue which direction I wanted to go in, in the flexible program, but during Triptych I have realised that I’m very interested in visual communication and conceptual photography. I find photography and film very interesting as well as communicating a certain message through visuals.

The feedback we got back from the teachers on our concept, was that, without explanation needed, it really stood out compared to the other concepts. This made me realise that our brand was indeed visualised very well, and that that is what I’m good at.

If you look back at the past three weeks. Was there something you would have done differently?

The communication between 25 people went quite well most of the time, but we took all decisions together. Next time it’d be better to choose three ‘decision-takers’ of each department, three students who are very involved so we can cut off the ends much quicker. Besides that, I’d give the tip to investigate the remaining two departments beforehand so you can be much more understanding and open-minded towards their contribution!