History AMFI

meester koetsier and charles montaigne


Aerial photo of the Amstel-brewery from 1953

AMFI was established in 1992 as a result of the merger between Meester Koetsier and Charles Montaigne, two institutes that had thrived since the early 1950s. HTS Meester Koetsier was founded 60 years ago as a technical and commercial school. Academy Charles Montaigne, founded in 1951, was a private school for couture and later also for styling. Both institutes were founded to ensure a good number of highly educated, qualified professionals for the Dutch textile and apparel industry and to safeguard the future of the industry in the Netherlands.


Meester Koetsier became part of the General Amsterdam School of Applied Sciences in 1987. In 1992 when the merger took place, the newly formed institute became part of Amsterdam School of Applied Sciences.


The new institute was named Fashion Management and Design (FMD) and moved to the current building on the Mauritskade in 1994. In that same year a new department was set up, now known as Fashion & Branding. This development was a reaction to the fashion world in which brands, identities and innovative sales strategies were becoming increasingly important. The institute now had three departments covering the entire fashion chain.


To bring this story up to date, in 2002 the institute was renamed Amsterdam Fashion Institute, in short  AMFI.