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AMFI maintains close contact with the fashion industry. These relationships are valuable to us and provide continuous feedback and knowledge. AMFI cooperates with companies on internships, graduation assignments, guest lectures and study projects. You can collaborate in different ways with us and our students; in return they can provide you with valuable knowledge, inspiration and new insights. Below we indicate several ways in which you or your company can get involved. For more information about the possibilities, please contact:


Offer an internship

In the third year our students do a full-time internship of 20 weeks. The students will be coached by a lecturer from AMFI and a professional from the company involved. We aim to enable students to apply their experience, skills and knowledge, developed in the first phase of the study programme, into practice.
Internships start twice a year, in September and in February.

For more info about internships send an e-mail to


Be a guest lecturer

At AMFI, students are provided with theory, knowledge and skills, but examples straight from everyday working life are a valuable addition. Would you like to share your vision, experience and knowledge about the fashion industry with our students? Then sign up to be a guest lecturer.

To sign up to be a guest lecturer send an e-mail to


Participate in assignments

Throughout the four years of our bachelor programme, AMFI students work on numerous projects, including collaborations with companies from within and outside of the fashion industry. Our students provide a fresh take on your company and its possibilities, often providing input and inspiration to integrate into the organizations and its outlets.

AMFI is always looking for companies that can provide these assignments and be part of the team of coaches during their research process.

To participate in assignments send an e-mail to:


Be an external examiner

Graduation projects are reviewed by an internal and external examiner. The external examiner is someone who has good knowledge of the fashion industry and can give valuable feedback to the graduates. Furthermore, the external examiner is present during the final exam.


Host a company visit

Throughout the academic year, AMFI students visit several companies, national or international, where they gain an inside view of the fashion industry. Therefore AMFI is always looking for companies willing to facilitate these visits. The excursions usually last 1½ -2 hours and comprises approximately 25 students.

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