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About AMFI

Change creators of the fashion industry

AMFI is the largest fashion institute in the Netherlands, with our team of 100 expert fashion lecturers, we coach over 1250 students each year on all aspects of fashion. We guide students to become the designers of the future fashion industry and change it in a sustainable direction. AMFI is the only fashion institute in the Netherlands that covers the entire fashion chain; A future-oriented transdisciplinary curriculum with a strong foundation in technology, craftsmanship and creativity.

Located in the heart of the creative capital Amsterdam, AMFI is part of the Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries. With an educational focus on digitalisation, sustainability and inclusivity, AMFI is at the forefront of digital fashion design and sustainable, inclusive fashion.

AMFI offers all its programmes and specialisations in Dutch as well as in English, welcoming international students from all over the world. Students graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Fashion & Textile Technologies.

AMFI's Vision & Mission

Fashion is intrinsic to our world. It can bring positive change to industry, society and our planet. Our students and professionals create this change.

At AMFI we:

  • empower each student to grow and develop into a conscious, critical- thinking and future-proof professional.
  • establish an equitable learning community, where students gain transdisciplinary knowledge and skills, with creativity and craftsmanship at its core.
  • research, explore and develop all facets of the global fashion ecosystem.
  • collaborate with and form part of the diverse, creative and pioneering hub of Amsterdam and beyond.


OUR STUDENTS: We empower each individual to benefit the fashion industry, society & the planet.

OUR INSTITUTE: We are a transdisciplinary, equitable learning community with creativity and craftsmanship at its core.

OUR COMMUNITY:We collaborate and connect to form a diverse and inclusive community.

OUR LOCATION: We form part of a buzzing and pioneering hub of diversity and creativity.

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Our education embraces the entire creative process of design, production, distribution, branding and communication to prepare our students for their future in fashion.

Set within an industry that needs innovation, we combine creativity, research, craftsmanship and technology to encourage circular thinking and demand a responsible mind-set and vision.

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Social Engagement

We are at the center of society and cultural changes. As an educational institute we follow global developments and respond to the current ‘zeitgeist’. We anticipate to the climate crisis through adaptation and innovation. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) form a guideline for our developments. From a need for active stewardship we ask our students to realize products and processes that contribute positively to the environment in which they work and live.

We embrace diversity and inclusiveness. We provide a respectful environment for all our students; this lies within our ambition and vision to educate a diverse community of game changers.

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Reality School

We mix theory with practice by working together with (international) organizations, business partners and other educational institutions. We believe in collaboration and cross-disciplinary power; through these collaborations, more and more expertise will be acquired and exchanged. Mutual knowledge exchange and innovation are leading.

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AMFI was established in 1992 as a result of the merger between Meester Koetsier and Charles Montaigne, two institutes that had thrived since the early 1950’s. HTS Meester Koetsier was founded 60 years ago as a technical and commercial school. Academy Charles Montaigne, founded in 1951, was initially a private school for couture, but also grew into a styling and design school. Both institutes were founded to ensure highly educated, qualified professionals for the textile and apparel industry and to safeguard the future of the industry in the Netherlands.

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Open Days

At the open days, you will learn all about studying at AMFI. You can attend presentations as well as interviews about the programme and get inspired by real work made by students. During a tour through our building, you will get familiar with all the facilities and get to know our staff and students.

Please Note: We expect to welcome many guests on the open days. We therefore kindly request you to bring along only one parent, family member or friend.

Read more about the open days and selection days.

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Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

AMFI is part of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS). With 45,000 students it is the largest university of applied sciences in the Netherlands. Being based in Amsterdam offers great advantages and these are well known among students. Also the closeness of the fashion industry makes the city centre the perfect base for AMFI. Many fashion companies have their (international) headquarters in Amsterdam, offering interesting work-placements for students.

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Dirty Laundry

AMFI houses its own student-led activist collective, called Dirty Laundry - a group of students fed up with the industry they are about to enter, and restless for change! The collective was founded in 2016 by Gwen Cunningham on the belief that students, as the next generation of fashion professionals, have a critical role to play in shaping the future of the fashion industry.

Composed of 8 young fashion activists from all over the world, Dirty Laundry campaigns for meaningful change within the curriculum and aims to inspire all in education to be change-makers. The team renews yearly in September and students are welcome to apply via our e-mail: sayhidirtylaundry.nl@gmail.com


Jose Teunissen


Roger Gerards

Head of Design

Gwen Mozer

Interim Head of Quality & Organization

Nisha Ganpat

Interim Head of Business & Development

Bregje Lampe

Head of Fashion & Branding

Student Desk

Student administration, enrollment and admission - studentdesk.amfi@hva.nl

Communication & PR


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AMFI maintains close contact with the fashion industry. These relationships are valuable to us and provide continuous feedback and knowledge. AMFI cooperates with companies on internships, graduation assignments, guest lectures and study projects. Current partners are for example Lectra, Woolmark, FashionWeek Amsterdam, Hotel The Exchange, Orta Blue and WRAP.

You can collaborate in different ways with us and our students; in return they can provide you with valuable knowledge, inspiration and new insights. Click here for several ways to get involved and to learn more about our partnerships.

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