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The fashion ecosystem is multifaceted and requires teamwork between different specialists. That is why AMFI offers three graduation specialisations: Fashion Branding, Fashion Business & Development and Fashion Design. These graduation specialisations represent the three main departments within the fashion business, but they do not stand alone.

AMFI is distinguished by its interdisciplinary approach, where students from the various specialisations work together from a shared knowledge base to develop entrepreneurial skills and a ditto attitude. During your studies, you will acquire the right knowledge and skills to participate as a professional in industry change. AMFI delivers changemakers who combine creativity and craftsmanship with knowledge of the entire ecosystem.

What the programme entails

AMFI trains for and works closely with industry to ensure a link with professional practice. The creative cycle is at the forefront of education; students learn to use this cycle to take control of the research and creative process. Creativity is used not only in making, but also in investigating and framing current challenges and problems. During your studies, you will gain knowledge of the entire fashion ecosystem. You will learn to research and analyse. You will develop concepts, products and stories. And you will learn about the processes involved in designing and making fashion, the organisation of the production chain and the communication of fashion and fashion-related products and services.

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First year – Interdisciplinary Start

In the first half of the 1st year, you gain knowledge and skills in Fashion Branding, Fashion Business and Development and Fashion Design; your own ambitions, interests and talents are the starting point. The AMFI education is process and product driven. This means, among other things, that you will maintain a process book on an ongoing basis. The process book is a comprehensive collection of your research into fashion, fashion products, the fashion ecosystem and current developments. The process book helps you to substantiate your decisions and conclusions and provides a basis for reflection on your personal and professional development.

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Graduation Specialisations

After the interdisciplinary first semester, students spend four semesters delving deeper into their chosen specialisation. The knowledge, skills and attitudes you acquire during these two years will provide you with a specialist foundation; you will develop in the areas of Fashion Branding, Fashion Business and Development or Fashion Design. The final semester within your own specialisation is an in-depth semester that prepares you for graduation and the type of project you will graduate with.


Interdisciplinary programme – Minor and Internship

AMFI offers a number of interdisciplinary minors in which the three graduation specialisations work together on an assignment from the industry or NGO; during these minors, students apply their specialist knowledge and skills in a context similar to professional practice. Both students and lecturers and professional field experience this 'reality school', in which students jointly tackle relevant challenges and problems, as a valuable addition.

The internship is also an important part of the Interdisciplinary programme; during an internship, you will experience a professional working environment and fulfil a position with an agreed set of tasks.

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In your final semester, you bring the vision you have developed during your studies to life in a graduation project. Your graduation project will showcase you as a professional and demonstrate the knowledge and skills you have developed during your studies. It is a bridge between your studies and the professional world you will enter immediately after graduation.

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