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Diversity & Inclusion

We embrace diversity and inclusivity. We aim to provide a respectful and harmonious environment for all our students; this lies within our ambition and vision to educate a diverse community of game changers.

AMFI is an institution in a society in which diversity is a reality. In order to host and educate a diverse community of change-makers, we strive to be a safe space for all students and team members, free of racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, classism, homophobia and discrimination. Every member of the AMFI community has the right to learn and work in a safe environment.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Team members created guidelines for our AMFI community, taking into account the voices of students and events of the past. These guidelines can be divided in five major themes; safe space, inclusion, communication, feedback, education.

Diversity & Inclusion Team

Our Diversity & Inclusion Team supports our staff and students in reaching our goals (find them further down this page) and following our guidelines. The team consists of AMFI team members and students from several departments and with different backgrounds and experiences.

The team actively works on education for both our staff and students on several diversity & inclusion subjects, organizing workshops and hosting talks. We believe that true change comes from the community within, therefore the team focuses on offering education and information for the AMFI community, including topics such as inclusive communication, diversity within the curriculum, and a glossary. We work with external experts to inspire and advise us and to offer workshops for tools and methods.

In an effort to be transparent and open in our communication, we share our roadmap that provides an overview of our work.

Updates from the D&I Team

Our goals

Our high priority short term goals are:

1. Set up a glossary and code of conduct. AMFI communication as well as within the curriculum.

2. Educational training opportunities to increase AMFI’s understanding of the principles of D&I.

3. Create a newsletter about the TF action plans / food for thought

4. Secure safety & well being of staff/students by organising an open dialogue continues

5. Work with new narratives involving current issues by collaborating with researchers, activists and artists.

6. Check curriculum per department for any offensive images or language.

Our high priority long term goals are:

1. Change AMFI's image of it being a white and exclusive institution.

2. Orientate the curriculum towards a more non-western perspective (global)

3. Create a more diverse student and teacher population

4. Improve the internal AMFI communication with employees and students (involve confidential counselor)

5. To make D&I a normality within the institution (DNA)

Counselors, complaints and questions

AMFI aims to make optimum use of the creativity of the MT, team and students. This demands an inclusive attitude and action perspectives for impact, but it also asks of us to detect and discuss discomfort. It is of essential importance that this happens in the right manner, that is why we offer different routes to address concerns, ask for help, or contact a counselor.

Diversity & Inclusion Team
If you have any concerns regarding your classes or curriculum, or if you’d like a sparring partner, please get in touch with the Diversity & Inclusion Team to discuss possible long-term solutions. You can contact the Diversity & Inclusion Team via

Astrid Elburg - consultant
AMFI joins hands with Astrid Elburg, organization consultant and manager, is available for both students and employees. You can contact as a sparring partner (eg. on the right approach and safety) on this topic, as a confidential counselor, or for strategic advise. Astrid is available for AMFI students and staff every Friday from 15:00 to 17:00 for online meetings.
You can reach Astrid on

HvA Confidential Advisers
If you are confronted with undesirable conduct in your study or work placement situation, you may contact an AUAS Confidential Adviser. The Confidential Adviser will ensure your question or complaint is handled confidentially, seeks a solution together with you, and provides assistance should you decide to file a formal complaint.
Click here to contact the counselors.

General contact

Do you want to express your thoughts or are you interested in participating in events, research and discussions? Will you join us on this journey towards a truly inclusive and diverse AMFI? Please contact us via

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