Events April 26, 2022

Chapter IDENTITY - Body Identity - a workshop by Chet Bugter on 23 May

Chapters is a series of interactive programmes for and by the AMFI community, centered around a theme each semester. We’re honored to invite you to the pilot; Chapter - IDENTITY. Click here to see the full programme of Chapter – IDENTITY.

Chet Bugter utters a cry of resistance against a fashion system which denies the power and importance of the body as its centre. He moves within this system as an artistic and embodied researcher, writer and educator. Through (participatory) performance, written and visual essays, manifestos and film, Chet proposes new perspectives on the fashion system, and sets out to making this system more embodied, diverse, and inclusive.

In this workshop, we will explore how the fashion industry disciplines our bodies, focusing on the fashion magazine as one of its most important tools. Through different cycles of re-enacting fashionable imagery, we will work towards unlearning certain ideas about the fashionable body, and how these ideas influence our own perception of our bodies.

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Title: Body Identity | Date: 23 May, 14:00-16:00 Dutch workshop, 17:30 - 19:30 English workshop | Location: AMFI Sewing Room

By: D&I Team, Chet Bugter

This event is for AMFI students & staff only.