Events April 26, 2022

Chapter IDENTITY - IDENTITY at AMFI on 11 May until 25 May

Chapters is a series of interactive programmes for and by the AMFI community, centered around a theme each semester. We’re honored to invite you to the pilot; Chapter - IDENTITY. Click here to see the full programme of Chapter – IDENTITY.

Our dreams as a child became our passions in our youth. To search for our identity and search for the truth. The dynamics of finding ones identity is a complex but essential task. Art allows us to build, deliver and understand a concept.

For this exhibition we asked our very own AMFI community to share their different definitions of identity through their work in all types of art form. The diversity and inclusivity student team is eager to invite you to an interrelated and uplifting curation.

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Title: IDENTITY at AMFI | Date: 11 - 25 May | Location: AMFI Teachers room - 1.22

By: AMFI students Charlevienne Ortela, Evelyn Imafidon, Joanne Olinga, Kianna Dekeukeleire, Myriam Noriega, Noelle San Juan

This event is for AMFI students & staff only.