Alumnus Noa Meihuizen wins a creativity award at the Dutch Creativity Festival

November 10, 2023

Fashion & Branding alumnus Noa Meihuizen won a creativity award with her graduation project in the Future Talent category at the Dutch Creativity Festival, organised by ADCN.

“The Field is a heartfelt passion project and graduation endeavour. Nike and Amsterdam Football label Lack of Guidance have joined forces to address the lack of aftercare for young players dropped from professional football. My campaign aims to support these players and discover new opportunities where talent can flourish.”

Research shows that less than 0.1% of aspiring footballers achieve professional success, leading to mental health challenges and depression among those who are rejected. Shockingly, none of the 29 football academies in the Netherlands have established an aftercare system. To combat this issue, Nike and Lack of Guidance will create a platform that provides guidance and helps these players find new goals. The Field teaches them valuable skills from professional players off the pitch, enabling them to excel in other fields. The campaign includes a strategic deck and for the 16 mm campaign film, Meihuizen collaborated with Pim Pimentel.

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