Collection specialization students presenting final work via silent live screening and city fashion flashmob walk

February 13, 2022

The Collections specialization offers the opportunity for fashion design students to develop and deepen their knowledge in a particular area of design by creating a collection for somebody else’s handwriting without losing their own. Last Friday, the Collections students presented their final work in two different settings: the experience outside and the experience inside.
The experience outside took place in the form of a “city fashion flashmob walk” where the students walked through Amsterdam wearing their own creations. By taking public transportation and visiting the city center hot spots, they presented their designs outside the context of school in order to seek reaction from the public in a real-life setting.
At the same time, the inside experience showcased a silent live screening of the outside experience in AMFI’s film room, where the designer’s other garments were arranged on the seats to watch the city fashion walk.

You can find the video here!

2022 02 13 specialization

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