Fashion for every body type becomes 'new normal' at Amsterdam fashion week

August 30, 2023

At Amsterdam Fashion Week, which started today, different body types and "size inclusivity" are an increasingly part for designers. Fashion designer Ruben Jurriën B., who is showing his collection at this fashion week on Friday, was especially unhappy that as a "big boy" he could not wear the clothes he wanted.

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When he started at Amsterdam Fashion Institute, he wanted to change that himself and make beautiful clothes in his size. Initially, he had to fight for it, but the scepticism turned into recognition. Last year, Ruben won the Lichting prize for best young designer✨ .

With his own show, Ruben is now showing once again that fashion is for everyone. For instance, he makes garments that are ingeniously adjustable, such as these jeans that wrap around the body, as it were. "This way I can fit five sizes in one pair of jeans. The garment molds to you instead of the other way around."

This also makes it easier for the designer to play with the masculine and feminine, presenting garments as unisex. Read the article on

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