Making plastic fashionable

January 30, 2018

The Fashion & Design minor 3D Hypercraft, aims to familiarize students with the extensive possibilities of (pattern)technique in relation to the design of fabrics. It is all about construction in relation to form, detailing and application. Students present their end product in a collection that is both real and virtual. The students were commissioned to create a collection with a sustainable starting point. Student Julie Evers: “After the visit to the Première Vision in Paris where we attended a lecture by Parley, my research started on the excessive use of plastic. There is so much plastic floating in the ocean that this is a serious problem for our ecosystem and endangers our food chain. The target group for my project are young people who I want to impart a piece of awareness.” This resulted in Julie’s choice for bomber jackets with a ‘Julie Evers twist’, that translates into designs with a feminine waist, corsets and classic elements with a youthful appearance.


Julie tries to to get attention for this plastic problem via social media and not without success: her Albert Heijn design was picked up by the company itself. Under the suitable label name “Smelt” (melting in Dutch) she created an Instagram account. “The funny thing is that I got followers from around the world and even a DJ from Egypt wanted to buy my jacket. Albert Heijn also wanted to buy the blue jacket. On top of that I got requests for styling work and a request to participate in a fashion event.”

Hema Jumbo