Ulkuhan Akgul and Joseph Raidt selected to participate in Lichting 2023

August 26, 2023

The Lichting show is held every year during Amsterdam Fashion week and showcases the best graduation projects from the seven fashion academies in the Netherlands. This year the show will take place on the 2nd of September. The jury has selected two AMFI graduates, Ulkuhan Akgul and Joseph Raidt, to participate in this year’s show. At the show, the participants will present their projects to an international jury panel. The panel selects the Lichting 2023 winner, who will receive a prize of €10,000 and legal advice from Van Kaam IP, Media & Privacy worth €5,000.

Lichting Ulkuhan

(Photo: @999.2.000)
Ulkuhan Akgul, graduated from Amsterdam Fashion Institute, was selected by the Dutch jury to participate in Lichting 2023.

ONLINE IDENTITY DISORDER: Despite his fascination with technology, Artificial Intelligence, and social media, Ulkuhan advocates for maintaining human control over these elements rather than being dictated by algorithms. In a world consumed by seeking love and approval online, he reflects on the loss of personal privacy due to accepting terms and conditions. He believes humanity should progress positively, and he’s committed to a sustainable fashion collection centered around using 100% upcycled materials, contributing to environmental responsibility.

Lichting Joseph

(Photo: Sophia Beckmann @sbckmnn)
Joseph Raidt, graduated from Amsterdam Fashion Institute, was selected by the Dutch jury to participate in Lichting 2023.

‘Oma Gertrude’ presents a visualisation of Joseph’s grandmother’s Alzheimer’s. Nine years ago, Oma Gertrude was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. She used to work as a seamstress, a common ground for Joseph to reconnect and communicate with her beyond words. ‘Oma Gertrude’ initiated during a workshop they had together, where they reassembled pattern pieces based solely on her altered perception of “right and wrong”. Her misconception of the purpose and the idea of what a garment can be, made Joseph imagine how Oma Gertrude interacted with the furniture and objects in her home when she was alone.

Last year Ruben Jurriën won the Lichting fashion award with his collection ‘Pak van Mijn Hart!’. Previously to the Lichting 2023 show Ruben will showcase his new collection ‘Super Femboyant’.