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Student Support

An overview of the main contact points for student support.

Student Support

All information on student support can be found on the AUAS website, the AUAS A-Z list and the AMFI Sharepoint environment, this page provides an overview of different contact points.

A-Z list
The AUAS websites offers an A-Z list for AMFI students with all information our students need.

The A-Z list in Dutch also directs to the Dutch Student Info on Sharepoint.

The A-Z list in English includes information on immigration, language consultation and the student counsellors.

Student Desk
Do you have questions about your grading results, schedules, or other administrative information? The student desk of AMFI is open every day from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. Contact the Student Desk.

Student Information Office
If you have questions about our programmes or your study choice, contact the Student Information Office.

Student Counsellor
Do you have any problems with your wellbeing? And does it affect your study career? Please, do not hesitate to consult the student counsellor. You can contact a student counsellor to receive confidential advice on any matters to do with your studies, your progress, personal matters and problems.

Confidential advisor inappropriate behaviour
If you are confronted with undesirable conduct in your study/work placement situation, you may contact an AUAS Confidential Adviser.

Complaints roadmap
AMFI created a roadmap for students to find the right contactperson per subject. (both in Dutch and English).

Social safety
Following the reports AMFI's social safety, AMFI has launched an investigation into the culture at AMFI. We have taken and are still taking responsibility and immediate action to learn and improve. Find our external communication regarding this subject from the beginning of the reports until late 2021.